After work experience and research in both Italy and abroad Nicolò Campanini and  Guido Quirici set up ACQ | Architecture & Design in 2010.In 2015 they teamed up with Alessandro Galastri, Giacomo Cozzi and Andrea Maltinti.

ACQ is a studio specializing in architectural and design projects as well as 3D modeling, rendering and digital animation. ACQ is currently collaborating with important architectural firms in Italy and abroad as well as with the Università di Architettura in Florence, where it is taking part in seminars and architectonic and digital visualization design projects. The search for the right materials and the attention to detail have always been the fundamental guidelines of the studio in their working plans, piloting and site management. Over the past few years, ACQ has designed and been involved in the building of multi-functional buildings, offices, shopping centres, restaurants, retail projects for the food industry, surgeries for doctors and dentists, museum displays and private   

Have collaborated with ACQ:
Luca Astorri, Novella Terzani Baccani, Federico Cadeddu, Valerio Cerri, Federico Coricelli, Enrica Cortesi, Olivia Falsini, Roberto Moschini, Giulia Pellegrini, Lucia Pesapane, Simone Sassoli, Alessandro Travascio, Luca Tedeschi, Giacomo Vannucchi